Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spring is in the air

There was definitely an air of spring on the airfield this afternoon, people were in lightweight jumpers, the sun was out and I definitely saw three gliders stacked in a thermal. Unfortunately for me an accident while in the States has messed up my shoulder so I am out for at least another week or two, then I have to do checks as its been so long.

No firm news on the airfield yet, as of April we will be paying the new landlord despite not actually knowing who they are yet, but I am sure that all will be revealed and it will pan out for the best.

We have the 18m nationals this year and the entries list is filling up nicely, we also have our own regionals in which both our K21's the Astir and Discus will be taking part (I am looking for crew still by the way) Hopefully we will enjoy the same weather we have over the past few years. the sports and open class entry list is looking healthy with probably only ten or so places left in each category.

The Bronze team are making progress with the lectures and it will so be time for soaring flights and general flying tests, there are several expeditions being planned and people are planning to take our new K21 ESB to other sites to fly.


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