Tuesday, 27 January 2009

25th - 26th January

We had a good weekend's flying on 25th and 26th, with five or six new members from OUGC turning up. As usual, they all got a fair bit of flying and went home smiling. Sunday's weather was better than forecast and members spotted this in time to get in some flying.

The refurbishment of the briefing room is progressing, and we will have a working day on Sunday 1st Feb, but there is a list of jobs to be done for those with free time mid-week. So don't be shy about helping.

Special thanks to Mike Pettican, Roger Crouch, Phil Gardner and Bruce Wainwright who did a lot of clearing up of the bits removed during the last big work session, after having a full day's flying before hand.

Our new launch point facility AKA The Bus will be arriving this week, and soon we will be organising work teams to adjust the seating, etc, to suit our use. So again, don't be shy at offering to help. Having worked on three previous buses, there are always many little jobs that can be done by almost anyone. If I can find tasks that suit my limited skills, so can you. We can't expect OJ and Pert to do all the work (or we'll soon see why they call him OJ...)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


The start of 2009 brings the start of the planned site refurbishments to the briefing room, entrance foyer, bar, toilets and members lounge.

Sunday 4th January saw many club members mucking in to strip the briefing room, ready for upgraded electrics and then plastering. In order to keep costs to a minimum, any and all contributions of time and skills in order to get these refurbishments done will be very gratefully received. We'll keep you updated on the blog on our progress!

Happy New Year

We had a gathering of some 25-30 at Bicester for new years eve. Please see photos.

The night consisted of a non-existent curry at the Taj (16 of us walked out after waiting for 3 hours), then much beer at the bar was consumed to make up for it! The new year was welcomed with Champagne, and new years resolutions.

George unpronounceable has even given up smoking.... Good luck George! We'll all be watching out for those sneaky cigarettes finding their way to your lighter. A great night was had by all. Bring on the 2009 season!