Sunday, 21 February 2010

Soaring and even some cross-countries

We've had some soaring days midweek, and the Nimbus 2 owners have even stayed up long enough to get some cross-countries in. Short ones, admittedly, but it's February and they did use thermals, so well done guys. Friday had several gliders staying up, and Saturday was good too, although Derren may not have been as happy when a conversion flight to the new Discus by a relativley inexperienced pilot resulted in him taking off before Derren and landing some time after him. It was a pity that Derren said, shortly before launching in the Ka8, that he just join under the Discus and climb up the middle of the thermal past him... And then a dozen of us stood watching this not happen. ;) Still no sign of Derren's jet arriving either.

Congratulations to Rory Barker, the first new solo this year. Just last week he was saying how he didn't think he was making much progress and wondered if he'd ever go solo. Still, not as embarrassing as Derren's statement, eh. Now if only some more of the University students turned up, perhaps we'd have a few more new solos to report.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mexican night

27th Feb - Mexican Night - food, drink, party.
Tickets £10. Please let the office know in advance so we know how many to cater for on the night. See you there.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

We've got a new toy!

Last year we substantially improved the fleet with the addition of a motor glider, which has proved to be extremely popular and before that with the addition of a Robin tug to replace the one on loan to the club, kindly purchased by a group of memebrs for our use (some of whom didn't have a PPL and only had a ten minute flight in the three plus years it was available, while others never set foot in it. Thanks guys!) So this year it was the turn of the glider fleet. Just recently the Ka8, EED, which was here when I started gliding many years ago, returned to Bicester after its adventures in Cyprus and is now being used by our members. But something hot was also required.

So the committee has been on the look out for a new addition to the fleet, to enhance the choice of aircraft available, and after almost three months of searching and assessing those available (and rejecting several so-called "bargains") we have acquired a Discus for our members to fly.
Now there will be no excuse for not getting round a 300km or 500km task (unless someone else bags it first!).