Friday, 31 January 2014

Winter Blues

With 2014 now well underway the most common topic of conversation seems to be when is this spell of prolonged bad weather going to end?

Whilst Bicester is luckier than most with our well drained airfield, even it has started to become water logged after months of heavy and persistent rain fall, even some of the old hands comment that they have never seen puddles on the airfield in places which are now frequented by ducks.

Our winter bronze lectures are well underway and so far have been extremely well attended, the amount of youngsters coming through the club at the moment only bodes well for the future, especially now that our long term future at the site is secure.

Despite the weather, and the fact that it is not forecast to change anytime soon there has been plenty of flying. Our new Skylaunch is now fully commissioned and on some runs we are now seeing nearly 2000' launches

The club also takes a good fleet into the new year with Two Astirs, a Discus, two K21's, two motor gliders, a K8 or two and hand full of K13's and we have already had several days this year with over 90 launches, despite the late start and early finishes.

Looking forward Bicester is also hosting its own GP in May and our regionals in August will feature the GP format which thanks to OJ and his team has caught on a treat.

Our CFI and senior instructors are getting people ready for EASA with cloud flying seminars and flying, and also providing guidance with paperwork

So hopefully over the next few weeks the weather will improve and I swear if I hear anyone complaining about the heat this summer there will be a few choice words spoken..