Monday, 21 June 2010

A nice few days

The last few days have produced some happy smiling faces.

Pete Garrett, son of John, went solo of Friday, in an impressive 51 flights, almost exclusively from the winch. And these were spread over several months as he couldn't attend as regularly as he wanted to, and then was held back by strong winds on a couple of visits when he was ready to go solo.

Then Charles Jessop, son of Paul, completed his Silver by flying down to Lasham - in 58 minutes, in an Astir, for his first solo cross country. Impressive by anyone's standards.

So those of you who stayed at home watching football, whatever that is, have missed several nice days flying recently. Don't be shy, come out and fly!

Oh, and if you are thinking of entering the most popular Regionals in the UK, you'd better get your act together. We now have 40 entrants in the Open class and 27 in the Sport class. We can handle more, of course, but the comp starts on 24th July, so don't delay entering.
Bicester Regionals 2010 website.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Aero Batties Kick Ass Results!!!

The Bicester Aerobatic Team - a.k.a. the Bats - turned up in force at the UK National Glider Aerobatic Contest at Saltby, over the 10th - 13th July, and turned in their most stunning performance yet.

Out of the five classes, they took FOUR of the First Place prizes, with two seconds and a third as well! All the winners were WAY ahead of the opposition, and in the only class they didn't win, they were a tiny fraction of a percent off of the winning score. Many club members hung around on the Sunday evening hoping to hear the results and were astonished and truly impressed at how well they had done.

Beginners - Rachael Brewin 1st, Gem Roberston 2nd,
Sports - Sally Cooper 1st, Richard Chapman 3rd,
Intermediate - Dave Morgan 1st.
Advanced - Maz Makari 2nd ( very close 2nd ).
Unlimited - Mike Newman 1st

For Sally, Dave and Maz, each had moved up a class from previous years, making the result even more impressive.

And for those who don't know, Maz and Mike are off to the World Championships soon.

Bicester Gliding Centre congratulates them on their stunning set of results.