Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bicester Regionals 2011 - Saturday 30th

Welcome to saturday two race fans.

Weather for today looks good for today, Cu's forming and RASP has scored it a five, it seems to go down hill out to the far west and east but a band running north west to south east looks great.

Lets see what we get on what could be the best day so far...

Friday, 29 July 2011

Bicester Regionals 2011 - Friday 29th

Grey orrible day!!

So we are Scrubbed!!

mind you who can really complain, A british summer and we have had more days of racing in a week than the guys at Nitra have done in three weeks.

I have heard that there is some Go-Karting to be done, or a Sports v Opens rounders match. My money would be on the sports and I will tell you why. Open class ships are generally rather expensive and are therefore flown by people who are at a certain stage in life!! know what I mean, there are some exceptions though. The sports class are generally the young whipper snappers who usually being of limited funds cant get an open ship. So it comes to pass that any sporting event between these two requiring some physical action is going to be won by the sports.

Thursdays results

Top four for the open class,
1. M2 Derren Francis Owain Walters / Ventus 2 12:23:18 15:18:47 02:55:29 92.8km/h 271.4km 1000
2. DW Watt Dave Ventus 2 12:22:45 15:18:40 02:55:55 92.6km/h 271.4km 996
3. 490 Eyles Steve LS 4 12:22:26 15:36:14 03:13:48 90.2km/h 291.5km 955
4. KPE Holden Mark Duo Discus 12:23:35 15:33:48 03:10:13 87.3km/h 276.9km 903

Top four for the sports class,
1. EAR Smith Darren PIK 20 D 12:04:18 15:05:29 03:01:11 84.1km/h 253.9km 1000
2. 768 Ellis Will LS 7 12:06:32 15:14:25 03:07:53 79.4km/h 248.6km 915
3. 224 Craig Gordon LS 4 12:03:33 15:20:41 03:17:08 77.3km/h 253.9km 877
4. 846 Roberts Philippa ASW 15 11:59:23 15:32:46 03:33:23 77.2km/h 274.5km 875
5. 615 Tomlinson Mike LS 4 11:56:22 15:19:10 03:22:48 74.3km/h 251.2km 824

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bicester Regionals 2011 - Thursday 28th July

Good morning race fans,

Woke up this morning to some fog driffting around, which I am glad to say has burned off quite rapidly.

Weather for our area looks ok from now until around 1pm where there is then a risk of over development and spreadout.

Briefing is at 10am lets wait and see, I have also heard rumours that tasks are set already.

Bicester Regional - Wednesday 27th 2011

Well from wear I was sat the weather look really rubbish for today, there was plenty of grid squatting until midafternoon when the open class boys and girls were sent on a 2hr AAT

Here are the top five finishers for the day

1. 290  Bromwich Bob  ASG 29/18m 15:28:07 17:44:15 02:16:08  61.9km/h  140.4km 444 
2. K5  Mark Smith Bob King /  ASW 27 15:36:29 17:49:17 02:12:48  57.2km/h  126.6km 428 
3. M2  Derren Francis Owain Walters /  Ventus 2 15:26:50 18:16:08 02:49:18  53.7km/h  151.7km 416 
4. DW  Watt Dave  Ventus 2 15:21:47 17:35:22 02:13:35  52.8km/h  117.5km 413 
5. J15  Mitchell Terry  Nimbus 3/25.5m 15:21:29 17:48:20 02:26:51  46.5km/h  113.8km 392

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bicester Regionals 2011 - Tuesday 26th July

Good morning race fans,

Well we have woken up to a overcast day, with forecasted heavy cloud cover and some light rain it looks as though we are going to get a day off, but we will wait and see.

Briefing is at 10am and its suspected the day will be scrubbed.

Well 12:35 and no scrub just yet, the MET folks have been watching a potential clearing in the sat images so are holding out, I am not optimistic.

12:48 its reportedly brightening up and opens will go on task A in around 15mins.

Sports and Open launched on Task A and some have set off already, time is 14:08

Finishers started arriving by 16:27, In the open class Derren F and Owain W pipped Mr.Watt by .1 of a km/h at 85.5km/h over 251kms with Mark Holden coming in third at 79.2km/h

Sports class started to arrive back at 16:50 first place for the day was Will Ellis again with 82.8km/h over 154.7kms, he may have this sown up if he keeps going like this. Second was Gerald Bass with 79.9km/h over 159kms. Third was Darren Smith with 77.9km/h over 157kms

So unofficially, Mr. Watt heads the open class and Will Ellis heads the sports class, can they keep it up for the rest of the week.

Weather looks to be generally improving for the rest of the competition with the exception of Friday perhaps so there should be plenty more quality racing to be had.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Bicester regionals 2011 - Monday 25th july

Modest tasks set today due to high cirrus and potentially ropey conditions on track.

Sports got a short 138km run out while the open class got a 191km run out.

Launching just after lunch time our first starters from the sports class headed out at 12:26 with the open class had there first starters some 15mins later.

The tasks were much better suited to the conditions today which resulted in most of the field making it around the course, including my mate Ollie Bosanko, unless he attached his logger to someone Else's glider.

Dave Watt took the day win again today with Steve Eyles and Bob Bromwich finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Will Ellis took the sports class win in his LS7 with Pete Stratten in second and steve Codd in third

Not sure of the overall standings at the moment as they have not been published.
Check out for all the latest details on the competition.

Bicester Regionals 2011 - Sunday 24th

A fine day for flying, Bicester was a bit of a blue hole and the B/S ratio being near or under 5 meant thermals were a little ragged, whispy clouds started out at 2200 and then pushed up slowly before locally going blue I can confirm this after spending two and a half hours buzzing around in a K8, not that K8's buzz around you understand. North and south on task looked ok with a nice scattering of cu's

The tasks were set, Opens went on 406kms and sports went on 311kms. There was a short delay to the start after a couple of the club gliders were seen failing to get away. The sniffer was then launched and after a positive report the grid was fired into the sky.

The sports class day win was Will Ellis with Mr. Stratten in second and Norman Parry in third. 50% of the grid either didn't start or didn't get round which showed it was a tough task for yesterdays conditions.

The Open class day win was Dave Watt with an average speed of 92.5km/h, Martin Durham was second and Mark Holden was third. we had 8 non finishers out of 22 and my mate Ollie Bonsanko landed out again, I am beginning to wonder whether I should disregard all of the advice he ever gave me while teaching me to fly :O)

On a side note, we had the new 18m Shark demo with its gas turbine sustainer onsite yesterday and what a beautiful machine it is. a lucky few got to fly it and with a price tag of an on the road price of 118K I am not sure I'll see to many more. the reviews of the demo model were quite positive, common feedback indicates the left side of the cockpit needs a bit of a rethink but apart from that people loved it.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bicester Regionals 2011

Today marked the first day of the regionals at Bicester and although I was not onsite today the large grid looked very impressive as I drove past the airfield this morning. Unfortunately my weather forecast held true with large spread out from the north east meaning that after the delayed, task reduced, and combined grid got away on a 166km course there were a large amount of landouts and some people even returning not long after the start. Ms Roberts landedout somewhere that enabled her to eat scones and cream tea......            The scores are yet to be on the doors so check out for the latest news and results.

The weather for tomorrow looks like a slight improvement on today with CB around 3500 - 4000ft but there is still some uncertainty on the extent of the moist layer being blown in from the north irish see. We could see some look cloud to start then looking fine until after lunch time where the risk of spread out is again a real possibility.

I will be around tomorrow doing some flying of my own so I am hoping it stays clear.


Friday, 22 July 2011

Weather for the 23rd and 24th of July

Good morning everyone, lets take a look at the weather for this weekend.

Saturday - Sea level pressure will be around 1013mb - winds from 0 - 4000ft amsl will be from the north east ranging from 10 - 15kts, above 4000ft amsl winds will be 20kts + Surface temp will be around 19dc by peak heating. visibiity will be around 20km cloud base will start out around 2500ft amsl and push up to 3500ft during the day where spread out is expected due to high level moist air being blown in from the north Irish sea.

Sunday - Sea level pressure will be around 1010mb - winds from 0 - 4000ft amsl will be from the north east again at around 10 - 15kts increasing above 4000ft to 25kts Surface temp will be around 21dc by peak heating, visibility will be in excess of 20km, cloud base will be starting out around 2500ft pushing up to nearly 6000ft amsl by the end of the day, early high level overcast expected to burn off leading to rapidly improving conditions.

RASP has scored Saturday as a 2 out of 5 and Sunday is scored as a 4 out of 5
The one major uncertainty with this forecast is the amount of moisture being carried in from the north irish sea, different models are not really in agreement yet as to the extent of the cloud cover over the forecast period.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Passenger to pilot windrushers style - June - July 2011

Well I have been pretty quiet recently, busy job schedule and a new baby arrival has seen my gliding activities take a hit. I have maintained currency flying when ever possible but as we are approaching mid July I would have liked to have been XC endorsed and on my way towards my silver by now, but as yet I still need to do the XC navigation exercise.

I had a flight on the 4th June in the Astir DFR, just a 2000ft Aetotow with the weather not being great I had 13mins of flight time, but I aced the landing. On the 20th I flew OUGC's astir FEF up the winch, I didn't manage to get away and landing back at the field I found that the wheel brake didn't work well and then seized up so it was declared U/S and I went home.

I was back at the airfield on the 14th of July after the misses, seeing me go stir crazy, gave me a hall pass. I got the to airfield nice and early knowing that a visiting pilot wanted the Astir for his 50k I had settled on flying the K8. I launched at 10am to 1400ft but was quickly down to circuit height, on the downwind leg and committed to landing I bumped into 2+kts up, I bypassed it and landed. 10mins later I took another launch and got 1600ft this time and immediately headed for the same spot the lift was at earlier. I ran into 1-2kts up and screwed away gradually gaining height, at 3000ft I was watching the club K13's trying to join me with out much success but it seemed the large aerotow grid was convinced and started to launch. At 4000ft I decided to make the 10k trip to upper heyford, arriving with plenty of height to spare I circled for a bit and headed back. I did a few stalls on the way back and arrived near the airfield at 2500ft, I was greeted with a stack of K13s and glass ships in a thermal and joined amongst them, very quickly however the K8 zipped up the middle of the thermal and I was soon on top of the pile as we all broke off and headed in different directions. After an hour and with a sore butt I popped the brakes and headed back. Later that afternoon with currency in mind I decided to aerotow the K8 to 2k for a quick flight, but continuing good conditions saw me at 5000ft flying alongside a k13 carrying our CEO and his student, they headed for silverstone but I bumped into the big red line on the map that exists for non XC pilots and headed back landing 43mins after launch.

Great day and I have to say despite the sore but my affection for the little K8 has grown a little more, ok it cant penetrate into wind but it climbs really well and is so easy to fly. Visiting Astir man had declared Lasham for his silver distance which would have been over 80K but he landed out somewhere short of that but hopefully still over 50K