Monday, 13 December 2010

More about young persons

Windrushers' junior member Charlie Jessop hasn’t been seen around the airfield recently because he has snagged himself a gap-year post as ground crew at GlideOmarama – the gliding operation in New Zealand based at the site of the 1995 World Championships. His duties include getting aircraft ready for the customers and putting them away but when things are quiet he gets to fly himself. His initial “site familiarisation flight” ended up at 15,000’ over Mount Cook (New Zealand’s highest peak) and since then he has been flying the Astir and the (numerous) Duo Discuses with GlideOmarama’s pundits. He is pictured here with Mike Till (who spends our summers at Dunstable) at 21,000’ somewhere near Omarama.
Charles is the one in the front seat...

More news from Charles as we get it over the electric telegraph.

University Students

We had a good intake of university students this year, from both Oxford and Cranfield. They all seem to be a keen lot, and are coming out regularly. They have been rewarded with some good weather (well apart from the snow the other week, of course). Lots of flying has been done. As we are an accredited Junior Gliding Centre, it's nice to see so many young faces around, as they are the future of the sport.

At this point in time, they are all at the end of term, and will not be around for a while, but we look forward to their return in January 2011.