Monday, 24 August 2009

300s, 500s and other things

Due to comps and work, we have been a bit busy, so here are several updates.

First, congratulations to member Pete Harvey who has now added the UK Open Class win to his recent European Open Class win.

We have have several weekends with good cross country weather, such as 25th July, 2nd August and 8th August, with multiple 300km flights each day (6 to 8 pilots each time). Andy Smith however, did 597km on the 25th July and 500km on the 8th August and also midweek, on the 13th August. Ordinary pilots also did many 200km+ flights these days.

We said goodbye to Tim Wheeler, one of our full-time staff, on Friday 21st August. After 5 months as staff instructor he has moved on to Boeing to help them with their many projects.

We have been well represented in many comps recently. Apart from Pete Harvey's triumphs, we have had Owain Walters in the Standard Class Nationals and Derren Francis (4th place overall!) and Dave Watt in the 18m Nationals, while at the time of writing, we have Fran Aitken, Felix Hofmann and Philippa Roberts in the Junior Nationals, Derren Francis and Dave Watt in the 15m Nationals, and Steve Bradford, Paul Copland and William Parker in the Grandsen Regionals.

So, overall, a very active year for cross countries and comps (and I've probably missed out several others as well).