Monday, 27 July 2009

The Regionals

The Bicester Regionals 2009 were a great success. The weather was not as nice as we would have liked, due to the jet stream moving to the wrong place, but Dan the MetMan did a great job of forecasting, enabling Ken Hartley to set tasks to match the conditions. Overall we had five days in the Open Class and four days in the Sports Class (increasing wind strength on one day prevented them from flying).

There were at least 28 people working hard to make the Regionals a success, giving up at least a week's holiday to be there - and many were not even members of the club! For example, the girls in Control travelled from Liverpool and Portsmouth, just to help us out, and a group of Scouts also turned up to help with launching and lots of other jobs, including keeping the place tidy.

As for the winners, John Wilton won the Open Class, with local pilots John Roberts (131) second and Martin Durham in LS8 third. In the Sports Class it was definitely local hero time, with Sunay Shah in HGG in first place, beating Ian Smith and Micky Boik in AA into second place and Cris Emson (sharing 379 with Red Staley) in third place.

We had many regular visitors competing, but with overlapping Nationals at each weekend, the turnout reduced was to 54 pilots (27 in each class). However we still seem to be the most popular Regionals in the country as we had a bigger entry than any other Regionals.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

June was nice

We have had a stream of visitors from other clubs coming to sample gliding at its best over the last three or four weeks. Pilots from Portsmouth, the Vintage Gliding Club, Kent, Aboyne, Kent (again) and arriving soon, some from Vectis.

Our courses are a popular as ever, and soon we will be running the most popular Regionals in the country. Although the number of entries is rather low this year, a mere 59 at the last count, we still have room for another 20 or so entrants. So if you wish to join us, enter soon as the comp starts on 18th July.

Yes, a dozen or so pilots on a local task week can be fun, but a full-blown Regionals is even more fun! And our large all grass airfield, devoted to gliding not power flying, makes finishing so much easier and safer. So don't delay, enter today. Bicester 2009

Finally we can offer NPPL training for those who prefer an engine. Got a full PPL but not tried a motor glider yet? Compare what you pay elsewhere for a Cessna with flying a motor glider