Sunday, 23 February 2014

Season has arrived!...?

Well it looks as though the 2014 season is now underway....

Some of our members took GAM (K21) and DFR (Astir) off to the winter series this weekend. From the reports coming back it looks as though Friday and Saturday produced good ridge and wave flying.

Locally on Saturday the club was very busy with some of our members rigging and flying their own aircraft for the first time this year. and late on yesterday there was Wave evident above the thermic sky which was producing a couple of knot to 3k

So that's two weekends on the trot where we have had soaring, and the airfield is holding up fantastically despite mother natures best attempts to turn it into a lake.

with the warmth now being felt in the sun it will only be another couple of weeks before we have regular XC flying again.