Tuesday, 16 June 2009

So how did things go on Sunday 14th June?

Well, apparently Derren heard a strange knocking sound while on task, and couldn't extend his bug wipers... ;)

Bob King - 757.5 km - WELL DONE !!!
Andy Smith - 739.2 km - so verrrrrry close.
Mark Szymkowicz - 719.7 km so close.

Matt Turnbull and Philipp Schartau - 503.2km well done.

While all on the same task of 339.9 km we had:-
Owain Walters, Dan Pitman, Dave Watt, Derren Francis, Al Mac, Andy Henderson, Ken Hartley.
While Derek Staff did a different 375 km

Me? I sat on the ground helping with the Interclub League, which we won very convincingly. Not that I'm bitter, what with Matt getting to the glider ten minutes before me and using the old excuse that I had flown it yesterday, or with me having had a bad flight on the Saturday, and forgetting to put sun screen on my nose, and the logger failing. No, I wasn't bitter at all, not one little bit...

On the Saturday we had 11 pilots race round the same 206.3 km task, with many others doing smaller ones.

We had visitors from several clubs turn up over the weekend, many flying the same tasks as above, and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Last time I checked, 31 pilots did tasks on the Sunday from Bicester.