Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Girls on Gliding

So one of our female members has been getting involved with the "women glide" movement. They seem like a motivated bunch being lead by some world class female pilots.

Anyway she has taken to the bloggosphere to keep a diary of her flying activities so you can catch up with what she's been up to here.

Monday, 14 January 2013

January flying

So, our recent young solo pilots Alistar Emson (15) and Callum Lavender (14) have enjoyed some gready publicity, with Callum and his dad making it as far as the BBC national news sofa. They have also enjoyed some good flying and both boys have successfully converted to the K8.

The weather this winter has been shocking and with a mild SW flow the rainfall has been well above average. Thats where our airfield really comes into its own, we have a stream running underneath it which drains the 300+ acres beautifully, so while all the other clubs around us are shut down we are still flying in between the rain filled low pressure systems.

Our courses for 2013 are now posted, we also have the 18m nats this year as well as our very own regionals on which we flew 8 out of 9 days last year, actually one of the best weeks weatherwise throughout the entire year.

We will also be running the cadet scheme again this year, we have spaces for up to four youngsters aged 15-17 to come and learn to fly with us while being subsidised by the club, all you need is a good attitude, a desire to learn to fly and the willingness to give up some time and help around the club.

Roll on spring...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Seeing in the new year

Over Christmas all was a little quiet around the club, as new years day drew closer and closer it seem like we may not achieve another traditional start to the year by flying on new years day. The weather looked good and after a couple of rounds of email and facebook plugging we had enough people to do some flying.

Kicking off around 10am we got out the K21 and K8 along with the tug and winch. While people were dusting of the cobwebs in the K8 Nigel Henry, an ab-initio who joined us last year, was having some check rides in the K21. After a couple of check flights he was cleared for solo and BGC gained its first new solo pilot of 2013.

a couple of us took a 5 grand aerotow in the K21 for some aerobatic fun and the video of the days events can be seen on my you tube page -

We managed around 20 winch launches, 1 5k aerotow and a first solo...not a bad way to kick off the year

Happy new year to you all.