Thursday, 2 June 2011

Weather for June 4th and 5th

Initial outlook for Saturday and Sunday look quite good, temps around 20dc on Saturday with scattered CU's at ~3500ft, winds out of the north east around 10kts. Sunday looks slightly cooler with the winds increased to 15kts, this may drag cool sea air across the region from the wash producing quite alot of cloud overnight into Sunday.

I will update tomorrow afternoon once the models are in a little better alignment.


Saturday - Pressure around 1024mb @ sea level - winds from the north east @ 10kts - temp ~20dc by peak heating with the dew point around 12dc putting scattered cumulus clouds around 3500ft by early afternoon. In general it should be an ok day, early low cloud caused by the cool sea air being blown in from the wash should lift quite quickly with the cloud base rising and slowly turning blue as we get well into the afternoon.

Sunday - Pressure around 1014mb @ sea level - winds from the north east @ 12-15kts - temp will be around 15dc with the dew point around 8dc this puts the cloud base around 2800ft at best and it looks as though the inversion will not lift during the day. Again with the forecasted cool air from the wash being blown in it will start out cloud and improve slightly during the day but it still looks to be around 4-6 /8s cloud cover.