Monday, 12 October 2009

Still going cross-country in September and October!

Late September and early October are not the normal time of the year to be out on cross-country flights.


A couple of weeks ago we had Andy Smith doing 340km+, on the 10th September, for what we thought would be the last long flight of the year. Wrong!

Ken Hartley and Bob King went out and return to the Long Mynd on 20th September while Andrew Reid went to Ely and back on the 26th. More recently Matt Turnbull went to Broadway and back on 3rd October, then his syndicate partner did a shorter o/r immediately after Matt landed, while Gary McKirdy made a flying visit to his Mum for a cup of tea (she lives near Pocklington) then flew back again a few days later (8th Oct.). That same day we had another couple of 200km flights by Dave Watt and Bob King. And on 10th October Ken Hartley did 180km.

And these are only the flights I've been told about - I'm assured that there were others.

Who says global warming brings no benefits.

Meanwhile, Derek Staff is notching up gold and diamond heights every other day at Aboyne.

But that's not all the good news!

George Tvalashvili and Pete Cadle finished their Basic Instructor course yesterday under the tutelage of OJ and await their acceptance flights from the CFI.