Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Vintage Glider Rally

The annual UK Vintage Glider Rally is with us this week and are having a great time. They've flown Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so far. It's been good weather for these older aircraft - light winds so the winch driver has a chance of controlling the speed to suit them a lot better - and soarable everyday as well. A dozen or so aircraft are present, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

They flew every day except the second Saturday! So many smiling faces.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Summer is just around the corner

Well, summer is just around the corner now (although it might seem hard to believe given how cold it's been the last few days - must be the volcanic ash effect). There have been several good cross country flights in the last six weeks, although not everyone is entering them in the BGA Ladder.

We have had a couple of successful expeditions, one to Portmoak and more recently the older generation went to France and had an "interesting" time. ;)

And guess what, we have the Cranfield students going off to Portmoak, again, and an intrepid group of comp pilots heading for a German comp, starting on 8th May.

You can follow the comp pilots' progress at Hahnweide online. In case they don't put up a full English version of the site, Wertung is the results page and Aufgaben is the tasks page. We have Martin Durham in LS8, Al McNamara and Steve Archer-Jones sharing TC, and Owain Walters in LL, all in the Standard Class, while in the 18m Class there's Derren Francis in F2 and John Spencer in 601. There's 115 gliders in total, so it's a big comp with FIVE classes.

PS the web cam out there today looks very disappointing - rain, low cloud and poor vis, so nothing new there for a comp.