Friday, 15 March 2013

First Proper XC day

So it looks as though March 14th 2013 was the first proper XC day of the year.

One 450km, several 300's and tons to one and two hundred K's done.

My view of it was restricted to the sky I could see out of my office window but it looked pretty much as forecast, Cu started around 9:30am and by lunch time the sky over Booker was absolutely Booming, this was mirrored by some of the 5k+ hieghts I saw on traces. It seemd to cloud over by mid afternoon but on the drive home it still looked to be working south of the M4.

Gutted I missed it and I look forward to a day where I can just rock up at the airfield when the weather looks good.

Oh well on duty on Sunday and it looks as though my trial lessons will be dodging wintery showers.

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