Monday, 25 January 2010

Soaring already, and winter lectures

Well, it's January and the snow has finally melted, so Lukas Brandt decided that a little bit of thermalling was required to make up for some of the lost days. Okay, it was only a bit of thermalling, and one or two others did so too, on Sunday 24th, but we do like to take every opportunity to soar. Even in winter.

Danny Lamb is giving this year's Winter lectures, and it's two down and three to go so far (although more may be added, perhaps).

Dave Watt's score your skills test has had several takers so far, and all seem to have enjoyed it. I haven't had a chance to find out if everyone would let us place there scores on the web, but it might happen.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Gliding in January

Here are the images, as promised in the Happy New year post.

The first problem might have been getting in through the gate. (Although first Derren, then Alan Smith, needed rescuing to get OUT again. ;) )

Once in, the depth of the snow can clearly be seen by the ruts to the left of our young model.

And finally the brave heroes man-handled the T21 out to the launch point - all the posh sleek gliders were impossible to move as snow would fill up their wheel boxes.

Some people prefer gliding in warmer sunnier conditions - Pete Stratton and Terry Mitchell in the Alps, for example. Great video. Nice editing and music added by TM. And did you know young Philippa was once in a Pink Floyd tribute band and the last track in the video was her party piece?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy New Year

We had our usual Xmas party, and then the New Year Party at the club, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to Tony for keeping the bar open on New Year's Eve instead of going out partying himself. Everyone present appreciated his efforts. I know from experience that serving a load of party-goers single handed is hard work.

Boxing Day was celebrated in the traditional Bicester way, with a couple of flights in the motor glider.

On New Years Day, as usual we dragged out the gliders again, and had 15 flights to start the year we intend to go on - flying whenever it is possible. And just for luck, did another 25 flights on the 2nd.

And although the airfield is now currently a whiter shade of pale, some brave souls have proved that if you want to fly, we can get you up in the air. They decided that one of the T21s needed an airing and took it out today, 9th Jan, for a float around, admiring the view. Very pretty it was too. Apparently it was much easier to admire the snow covered landscape when flying over it than when stuck in a traffic jam in it.

Unfortunately I couldn't make it out of the valley I live in, and the local police down here in Kent are impounding any cars abandoned near the top of the hill, so if I had managed to get out, and got stuck on the way back (it's snowing again as I write this), the car would probably not be there any more. Obviously they think abandoning a car on flat ground is a more reckless action than taking it down a 1 in 8 slope covered in ice and snow...