Monday, 20 September 2010

It's been busy the last few months!

We have had such a busy time at the Bicester Gliding Centre recently, that we have not had a spare minute to update the blog.

Recent events include The Fabulous Bicester Regionals, the InterUniversity Task Week, and the Junior Nationals. We have had a couple of Mini GP style racing weekends too, which the participants seem to enjoy greatly.

With a new privately owned turbo Duo on site, a small group set off for Systeron to test it out, alongside the Duo based there belonging to another member and his syndicate. They all came back with big smiles on their faces. There has already been an "interesting" week or two for some members at Systeron earlier in the year, of course. So interesting (And so similar to the Old Gits On Tour thread from last September.) that one member now plans never to take a vehicle overseas again! ;)

Over this weekend we had :- another Mini GP, the Fox doing Aerobatics team training, a BI course, plus 'normal' operations, and Tony Cleeworth, the day's tuggie, flew 24 tows to a total of 70'000 feet. The club also hosted a BGA event to show the Air Cadets the possibilities of advanced training....
Where else but Bicester!
Oh, and instructor refresher training as well.

Currently we are looking forward to the annual influx of "the students", when Oxford University and Cranfield University start enrolling new members.