Saturday, 28 February 2009

Long shot for Monday

It's a bit far out, but this coming Monday (2nd March) shows some x/c potential. We'll update on Sunday night...

Fine Fabulous February Friday of Flying

Forty fun flights on Friday for fit fellow flyers – fantastic feat! Follow-up – fly Fridays frequently, forever.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Weekend 20 / 21 / 22 February

We started out on the Friday with 36 flights, with almost everyone managing a bit of soaring, including 2 hours 30 mins by "Miff" in the K6e. Dave Watt and Derren Francis tried a mini cross country in the Ventus and Duo.

On the Saturday things improved even more, with over 80 flights, and again some soaring by most pilots.

On Sunday, we manage about 55 flights, and yet again many pilots managed to soar. Pete Harvey stayed up for almost three hours in the mighty Nimbus.

So if you are staying at home waiting for the better weather, well, you are missing the chance to fine tune your skills ready for when Spring and (for those with really good memories) Summer finally arrives.

Safety Talk

Don't forget that Hugh Browning is coming along to give a talk on Saturday 28 Feb at 1830 in the briefing room. Hugh has a reputation for giving very interesting and informative safety talks which review and discuss accidents. Come along and don't become a statistic.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Recent Weekends in February

The last couple of weekends have seen a lot of activity on getting the new bus ready for use. Seats have been repositioned and shampooed, tables fitted and work on the electrics is in progress. This has slowed up the re-decoration work on the briefing room, but the new ceiling tiles are in place, and the new lights will be fitted soon as well.

The team leaders for the bus and briefing room work have produced lists of things to be done, and volunteers are requested to help out on these jobs. Some jobs are straightforward and suitable for anyone to tackle, others require some technical skills, some even just require background research to be done. So don't be shy at coming forward, it's your club and this work is to give you an even more pleasant set of facilities to use.

On the flying side of things, we have averaged about 50 flights per day for each flyable weekend days this month. When the weather improves, we will probably see this figure increasing to our usual 80 - 100 flights per day at weekends.

Oxford Uni's recent winter recruitment drive has produced another dozen or so new faces, all keen to learn the mysteries of flying without an engine. Hopefully we'll be reporting some as new solo pilots in the not so distant future.