Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Passenger to pilot windrushers style

Its been a little while since I have put anything up here.

I have been planning to do my XC endorsement over the last few weeks but the freezing temps and snow covered landscape has meant that it has not been fesible to do it. Something about the landscape looking like a high contrast map.

I have booked the Asitr for the week of the Bicester regionals running the 21st to the 29th of July this year with the aim of at least running Hors Concors on the back of the Grid. I have my portable Oudie-Nano rig all up and running using a small 2.1AH battery which should power it pretty much all day.

As spring approaches I am looking towards my silver C, with the duration of 5 hours, 50km flight and a 1000m height gain. I guess the key is to have the logger with you becasue I did silver height at least 4 times last year. the duration I also attempted last year in a K8 but being an older ship designed for a smaller men than me I got uncomfortable after a couple of hours and had to come down

I also have my new DriftCAM which is a 1080p POV camera so I will be mounting it in the cockpit and recording the action, check out lhitchins on Youtube.